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Pest Fect

Use American Pest Control?s Delhi learning centre to gain knowledge about the common pests we treat in our area such as fire ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs and termites or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about our pest control procedures and methods. Also, our blog is a good source for up-to-date knowledge on pest control news, information and tips.

Termite Control Services

These termites are the most common in India. They are 10 millimeter in length, with dark brownish-black bodies. Colonies are most often located in the ground. They can eat up to five grams of spring wood per day. Chemical treatment and baiting systems work best to eliminate termites.

Rat/Rodent Control Services

They India Rat are the largest of Rodents. They damage materials, eat and contaminate stored food and carry disease. They are 7 to 9 ? inches long with course brown and black fur. Signs of infestation include gnaw marks, droppings, burrows, damaged goods, etc. They will eat almost anything, and enjoy meat, cereal and dog food in particular. They nest along embankments, basements and sometimes in attics. To control India Rats, it is important to understand their behavior in order to effectively set traps.

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